Flavor Physics & CP Violation 2013

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List of Talks

Title Name Institution Country E-mail
B -> D(*) tau nu and B-> tau nu Andrzej Bozek Belle/INP Krakow
B decays with significant missing energy Youngmin Yook Belle/Yonsei University
b production, both as hadron and jets Jean Wicht LHCb/CERN
Baryonic B decays Marcus Ebert BaBar/SLAC
Bs and B0 –> mu mu rare decays Jose Lazo-Flores CMS/U. Nebraska
Bs-> mumu and B → Xs gamma Mikolaj Misiak University of Warsaw
Charged Lepton flavour violation theory Maxim Pospelov University of Victoria/Perimeter Institute
Charm mixing and CPV Alberto Reis LHCb/CBPF
Charm spectroscopy and rare decays Diego Milanes LHCb/LPNHE
Charmless 3-body B decays and gamma measurement David London U. Montreal
Charmless semi-leptomic B decays at ee colliders Cesar A. Beleño de la Barrera Belle/Goettingen
Charmonium at ee colliders XiaoLong Wang Belle/CNP-VPI
CP violation in Bs oscillations at ATLAS, CMS and Tevatron James Walder Lancaster University
CPT effects on CPV measurements Ikaros Bigi University of Notre Dame/CBPF
D meson Physics Cheng-Wei Chiang National Central University
D0 mixing Karim Trabelsi Belle/KEK
Dimuon charge asymmetry in p pbar collisions Bruce Hoeneisen D0/U. San Francisco de Quito
Exotic states and charmonia production Tomasz Skwarnicki LHCb/Syracuse
Experimental Summary Abner Soffer Tel Aviv University
FPCP 2014 Renaud Le Gac CPPM
Gamma from ee colliders Matteo Rama BaBar/INFN Frascati
Highlights from BESIII Roy Briere BES/Carnegie Mellon University
ILC Status Taikan Suehara Tohoku University
Lepton Flavour Violation Giovanni Signorelli INFN Sezione di Pisa
LHCb upgrade Renaud Le Gac LHCb/CPPM
Light flavour at ee collider Andreas Hafner BaBar/Mainz U.
Limits on 4th generation fermions Andrey Ivanov CMS/Kansas State U.
Measurement of CP violation in Bs oscillations Bruno de Paula LHCb/UFRJ
Measurement of D0 mass and D* natural linewidth Gabriele Simi BaBar/U. Padova
Measurement of gamma from B->DK and related modes Moritz Karbach LHCb/CERN
Measurement of the form factors of K+- -> pi0 l+- nu Cristina Biino NA62/INFN Torino
Measurement of Theta13 Kwong Lau U. of Houston
Neutrino Physics Mu-Chun Chen University of California, Irvine
Numu disappearance and numu CC Inclusive cross section Alexander Finch T2K/Lancaster University
Phi2 measurement at ee colliders Pit Vanhoefer Belle/Max-Planck Institut fur Physik
Quarkonium production at LHC Cristina Biino CMS/INFN Torino
Radiative penguin at hadron machines Kevin Stenson CMS/U. of Colorado
Radiative Penguins at ee colliders Gerald Eigen BaBar/U. of Bergen
Recent Development on CKM angles Wei Wang Helmholtz-Institut für Strahlen- und Kernphysik
Recent progress in lattice QCD Rachel Dowdall University of Cambridge
Result on rare decays from NA62 Paolo Massarotti Na62/INFN
Search for CPV in charm at ee colliders Ryan White BaBar/Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria
Search for light Higgs and dark gauge bosons at ee collide Sven Vahsen Belle/Hawaii U.
Search for ttbar resonances Jun Guo ATLAS/Columbia University
Semileptonic mixing asymmetry measurements of assl and adsl Martino Margoni BaBar/U. Padova
Sin 2 beta measurements Riccardo de Sangro BaBar/INFN Frascati
Status of Belle-II Bostjan Golob Belle/U. of Ljubljana and Jozef Stefan Inst.
Status of Higgs searches Junji Tojo ATLAS/Kyushu University
Status of SUSY searches Anna Lipniacka ATLAS/CERN and University of Bergen
Studies of charmless B decays, including CP violation effects Irina Nasteva LHCb/CBPF
Studies of hadronic B decays at LHC Neus Lopez-March LHCb/EPFL
Studies of rare FCNC b decays Marc-Olivier Bettler LHCb/Cambridge
Tau physics from ee collider Steven Robertson BaBar/McGill University
Theory Summary Yuval Grossman Cornell
Three-body heavy meson decays: final state interaction Manoel Robilotta USP
Top properties Jacob Linacre CMS/FNAL
Unitarity triangle sides from ee colliders Phillip Urquijo Belle/U. of Bonn